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Rebuilding our Communities by Building the Trades

The Dildilian Foundation for the Building Trades is devoted to schooling young men and women in the skilled trades with the purpose and goal of developing entrepreneurial skills, individual self-confidence, and income creation for students. The Foundation and the Charter School will create a local talent pool of employable individuals that are devoted to building their careers and re-building their communities. The purpose of the Foundation is to raise funds for the building trades Charter School, which will revitalize blighted neighborhoods through the repair, renovation, and restoration of existing homes. The Dildilian Foundation for The Building Trades will foster and encourage parental and community support and involvement at all levels to ensure success.

The Dildilian Foundation for the Building Trades is a registered 501(c)(3) and recognized as a public charity. Donors may be able deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170. Please consult your tax consultant for further information.

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