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Rebuilding our Communities by Building the Trades

Focused Skilled Trades Taught

Focused Skilled Trades Taught

Design • Renovation • Landscape architecture • Land reclamation – sand in, junk out • Hazardous material abatement • Cement and Concrete • Foundation repair and construction • Rough Construction – Rough Carpentry • Electrical • Plumbing • HVAC • Insulation installation and technology • Drywall repair and installation • Finish carpentry • Painting • Roofing • Green technology • Program management • Contract management • Building management skills.

Formal Classroom Educational Opportunities

General business skills, writing and reading – tutorial if necessary • Formal business writing skills • Estimating/math skills • Order and material procurement skills • Building code requirements • Education on tools, function and safety

The Dildilian Foundation for the Building Trades is totally unique in its concept and execution. Stated quite frankly, there is no other similar type of school operating in the entire United States.

First and foremost, The Building Trades School meets all the curriculum requirements established by the State of Michigan to educate secondary students and grant them a high school diploma. Within this context, the Building Trades School concentrates its teaching on the skills necessary to be successful in the building trades. This ensures that the math, writing and reading skills learned will provide the basis for executing the higher-level job requirements leading eventually to an apprenticeship program and beyond.

What makes the Building Trades School so unique is its total emersion of the student in all aspects of the building trades. The students are given a broad exposure to the various types of skills required in the building trades, such as carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, electrical and more. Combining classroom teaching with hands-on training in real time, makes it possible to develop the necessary skills to be proficient at all levels in the Building Trades. Furthermore, students are taught higher level skills such as how to write proposals, estimate job costs, and how to order & procure materials. Students become well-grounded in building code requirements, the function and application of tools, and how to create and work in a safe environment. At the end of the program each student will go through the process of what it is to sell the property that they rehabilitate and what it is to acquire a mortgage on the property.

Upon graduation, the student will be prepared to enter an apprenticeship program to continue training in their chosen fields or if they choose they will be in a position to start their own business.

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